I was born in the far away,obscure town of Botevgrad,Bulgaria.Picked up guitar under the influence of my older brother and his record collection,from which I was particularly addicted to the Beatles.I started playing guitar at the age of eleven going through many influences,favourite bands and players.I started gigging at fifteen with local bands and later as a college student I gigged with many bands in different styles with various degrees of success.I'm now mainly preoccupied with Mind Traffic - a jazz/rock/fusion instrumental trio along with Jeff Lee on bass and Dan Boothe on drums.We're looking forward to having our first CD recorded as it is about time.Mind Traffic also gigs on a regular basis in "Bangkok Blues" in Falls Church,VA and is open to all invitations to open for other bands or participate in events/festivals.I'm also still taking part of just about any collaboration that comes my way,be it online or whatever.CDBaby.com is now selling copies of Bulgarian bass player Geo Alexiev "Crusade" CD,on which I'm featured on the title track.I'm well-versed in most popular styles of music including rock,blues,jazz,fusion etc. and I'm always interested in doing something musically challenging!

As a side note, it is very hard to keep this updated on all the projects I am a part of. For that reason keep an eye out on the home page, i'll usually post the more important updates there.